Marcellus Hall & Lisa Nichols

Their Love Story

Their Story

This is a love story, ten years in the making.  

It’s a story of a powerhouse woman with a huge public brand, and a powerhouse man with powerful impact and media strength.  It’s a story of a single mom, and a single dad both having experienced hurt and heartbreak, and finding their way back to trust and love again.

Ten years ago they met during a business trip for both of them, their first conversation lasted nearly 11 hours!  Thereafter, Marcellus would text Lisa once a month just to say “hello”.  He would drop small hints of interest that Lisa completely missed each time. She would share stories of a growing son, a demanding business and disappointing relationship sagas, missing his patient efforts to consider a relationship with him.  

Finally, 8 years later, Lisa reflected on his consistency and read the writing all over the wall and a beautiful friendship became the foundation to a breathtaking love story.  No one was ready for the viral sensational energy that would take place when Marcellus’ proposal video was shared.  So many men and women seeking to rejuvenate their love or discover love altogether would be so inspired and ask for MORE.

Well, now we will give MORE!

Follow along as Marcellus and Lisa plan their Wedding in Paradise, Nassau Bahamas

Hear Lisa Share her "Journey to Nuptials"

Welcome to The Lisa Nichols Show. I am so honored and excited to pour into you my journey, my life and my passions so I can help you discover what is possible in your life’s journey. My soul’s desire is to help you understand that you are braver than you believe and stronger than you think. I certainly learned that and I want to share with you how I made the most out of my imperfections.

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