Lisa & Marcellus Hall Wedding Partner

Scharad Lightbourne Photography

About the Partner

As a result of our World Class Portrait Photography + Extensive experience, our clients are exposed to the essence of the soul…in print. Our photography makes you feel as if you are in the moment. I am always looking for new clients who are ready to have captivating photographic experiences. Who do you know?

Scharad M Lightbourne is a Bahamas-based Award winning portrait and lifestyle photographer with a great + deep passion for capturing the natural aesthetic of subjects. He is particularly interested in capturing people, with central themes in his work. His clean, artistic approach can be credited to his innate talent as well as his extensive graphic design background.

His quick-witted, candid personality is manifested in his work and allows him to forge lasting relationships with clients and colleagues. Scharad’s work has appeared in numerous fashion and lifestyle publications, advertising campaigns as well as exhibits, both abroad and locally in the Bahamas.

 Scharad Lightbourne constantly travels to photograph assignments for clients around the country, and also caters to international clients from the U.S., Canada and The Caribbean.

I wish Lisa and Marcellus nothing but the best in life. They make an incredible couple and I know they will be more prosperous in this journey together.