Lisa & Marcellus Hall Wedding Partner

Events are Everywhere! (Even a Wedding!) 
Facebook Live, Webinar, Livestream, Summit, 1-Day, 2-Day, 3-day events and more… with 15 different event types, how do you know what is the right event for you, right now?  

Grace and Ease Productions, Inc has you covered.   Download our 5 Phases of Events to Scale and Leverage Your Business Guide. ( 

About the Partner

Grace & Ease Productions, Inc supports our clients in creating Powerful and Profitable events.  Producing In-Person and Live-Virtual events from 200 to 4,000+ attendees, and collaborating with many well-known celebrities such as Dr. Oz, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Claire Zammit, Bill Baren, Alison J. Prince, Josh Turner, and many others. We assist Speak-to-Sell clients to be extremely profitable with their events: just recently one client generated over $2.1 Million dollars in one Virtual Live 3-day event. 

Our clients have made over $24 Million in revenue, gaining over 3,500 NEW clients and changing the lives of over 16,000+ attendees. 

Our team handles all the planning, speaker & sponsor support as well as the production of Virtual Live and In-person events to create experiential, revenue-generating, and exciting events for attendees.

The Grace And Ease Team wish Lisa and Marcellus nothing but the best. Their story, their commitment, and their love inspire us. Here is to a happy, healthy, and prosperous union!