Lisa & Marcellus Hall Wedding Partner

About the Partner

Chevette’s passion for jewelry design started from childhood and was kept alive by selling women accessories throughout her 28 year banking career. The passion for jewelry led her to New York City where she enrolled in a jewelry making class. In 2006 she opened a home based store selling beads and other jewelry making supplies. Chevette incorporates local raw materials in the majority of her jewelry to create classy one of a kind, bold and eye-catching designs.

Chevette also found the need to teach the art of jewelry making to other Bahamian women and men. She wanted to show local artisans that classy jewelry could be made using local materials. The business eventually grew to another location where she continued to educate, inspire and create pieces that women cherished.

In 2010 she quit her job to follow her dream full time.

For four consecutive years, she flew to the major international shows and workshops to learn from some of the best designers in her field. Her motivation and desire to learn and empower others led her to create Beaders in Paradise, a unique event that brings local artisans and top international jewelry experts together in the Bahamas to gain skills in the latest trends in jewelry making techniques such as crochet, wire wrapping and soldering to name a few.

Chevette’s work has been featured in the local newspapers and Profiles 98 a style, culture and global Caribbean magazine for women. Her pieces are sold in local boutique stores such as Coles of Nassau, Jewels By The Sea, Gray Cliff and Signature Styles and worn by leading Bahamian women across the Country.

She is married to Revello Williamson and has two wonderful children daughter Cherell and son Revello Jr. When she is not exploring and developing new vision for her work, she loves reading, sewing and spending time with her family